Beer, Wine & Cider Kits

We have the below kits available. If you don’t see something you’re looking for, give us a shout and we’ll see what we can do to make you happy. Tip: Learn more about the kits we offer by clicking on the links provided below.

Beer (Brewer’s Best)

▫ Belgian Golden▫ American Cream Ale▫ English Brown Ale
▫ Belgian Tripel▫ American Light▫ English Pale Ale
▫ Witbier▫ Imperial Blonde▫ Red Ale
---▫ Mexican Cervesa▫ Scottish Ale
▫ Black IPA▫ New England Haze Wheat---
▫ Extra IPA▫ Toasted Coconut Cream Ale▫ Coffee Porter
▫ Grapefruit IPA---▫ Irish Stout
▫ Guava Haze IPA▫ Kolsch▫ Milk Stout
▫ New England IPA▫ German Oktoberfest▫ Oatmeal Stout
▫ Pacific Coast IPA▫ Weizenbier▫ Whiskey Barrel Stout
▫ White Choc. Blonde Stout

Wine (6 gal kits)

Fruit WinesGrand Cru 10L*Cru International 12L*Winery Series 18L*
▫ Black Raspberry▫ Cabernet▫ Pinot Gris▫ Sauvignon Blanc
▫ Coconut Yuzu▫ Malbec▫ Sauvignon Blanc▫ White Trio
▫ Cucumber Melon▫ Pinot Noir▫ Chardonnay▫ Chardonnay
▫ Kiwi Pear▫ Riesling▫ Sangiovese▫ Amarone
▫ Mango Citrus▫ Sauvignon Blanc▫ Nebbiolo▫ Super Tuscan
▫ Peach Apricot▫ Pinot Noir▫ Malbec
▫ Sangria Blush▫ Malbec▫ Red Trio
▫ Merlot▫ Rosso Grande
▫ Syrah▫ Merlot
*amount of concentrate

Cider (Brewer’s Best)

▫ Apple▫ Pineapple
▫ Cran-Apple▫ Spice Apple
▫ Mixed Berry▫ Strawberry-Pear
▫ Pear