Belgian Dark Ale Contest


Calling All MANIACS!

We are holding a fun brew contest using the Wyeast Private Collection Yeast “Belgian Dark Ale”.  All members are encouraged to participate. We recommend groups of at least two members, the club will pay for the yeast. Here are the details (rules further below)…

3822-PC Belgian Dark Ale (Wyeast Private Collection)

Beer Styles: Belgian Strong Dark and Golden Ales, Belgian Quadrupel, Oud Bruin/Flanders Brown, Fruit Beers, Belgian Specialty Beers

Profile: This unique Belgian ale yeast is a high acid producer with balanced ester and phenol production allowing a good expression of malt profile, especially the strong flavors of darker malts and sugars. High alcohol tolerance. Spicy, tart, and dry on the palate with a very complex finish.

  • Alc. Tolerance 12% ABV
  • Flocculation medium
  • Attenuation 74-79%
  • Temp. Range 65-80°F (18-27°C)


  1. You use only this yeast in the beer
  2. You keep good notes on fermentation temperature (temperature changes the flavor profile)
  3. Your beer is ready for the December meeting and you bring a growler or a few bottles to the meeting.


We will order the yeast and have it available by the next meeting (August 8th). If you plan to participate please let Al ( know by July 27th.