MASH April Meeting Update

mash_logo_variationsATTENTION All MANIACS!

This is a reminder that Thursday April 11th is our next meeting 7PM @ Stomp N Crush.  Refer to our calendar for this and all other meetings.

New development for this meeting…

Jeff Browning (head brewer at BAR in New Haven) will be attending the meeting to help us with our next brew project. We will be handing out a 5 gallon scaled down recipe (extract and AG) of his Toasted Blonde Ale along with fresh samples to taste. Anybody that would like to participate can brew this recipe and bring the results to the June meeting. We can then taste each others attempts to see what differences, if any, each person’s process brings to the brew while attempting to clone his beer with his help.  As an added incentive SNC will be offering 15% off the ingredients for this brew!


For all the newer members who may not be aware, SNC gives 15% off ingredients on meeting nights to all active members.